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When can a wrongful termination lawsuit be brought against an employer in the state of California?

The following are the most common reasons for wrongful termination lawsuits in California: Exceptions to “at-will” employment Whistleblower protection Wrongful discharge under the Fair Employment and Housing Act Wrongful constructive termination Political activities WARN Act wrongful termination Taking leave Wage and hour complaints Exceptions to “at-will” employment We are frequently asked the following question: Can you be fired without cause… Continue Reading..

Fired While on Medical Leave

Employees often feel uncertain about their jobs when considering taking medical leave because they fear that it will put their job at risk. However, California law allows employees to take time off for certain family and medical reasons. Under the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), you cannot be terminated for taking qualified leave. CFRA allows eligible employees to take up… Continue Reading..

Understanding Employee Classification

There is vast confusion among workers in determining whether they are entitled to overtime pay and meal and rest periods. The IRS and Department of Labor identify lengthy factored tests for workers and employers to evaluate their entitlement and; respectively, legal obligations, however, these factors are weighted depending on the type of employer and the facts of the worker’s circumstances.… Continue Reading..

California Suitable Seating Law

  Dead on Your Feet? The California Supreme Court May Soon Let You Take a Seat Compared to those of our grandparents, the lives we lead today seem downright sedentary. But while today’s work environment is often less physically strenuous that in years past, it doesn’t necessarily follow that today’s jobs are free from fatiguing physiological stress and strain. One… Continue Reading..

Uber Strikes Discovery Deal In Drivers’ Tip Suit

Share us on:   By Beth Winegarner via Law 360 Law360, San Francisco (July 16, 2015, 9:22 PM ET) — Uber Technologies Inc. reached a deal Thursday in a discovery feud over documents on how it calculates fares and tips, which its California drivers wanted for their proposed class action claiming Uber misclassified them as independent contractors and cheated them out… Continue Reading..

Cheerleaders Score As Calif. Gov. OKs 1st-Of-Kind Wage Bill

Share us on:   By Benjamin Horney via Law 360 Law360, New York (July 16, 2015, 1:26 PM ET) — California Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed into law a bill requiring professional football and basketball teams to classify their cheerleaders as employees and pay them at least minimum wage, making official a potentially precedential piece of legislation. A.B. 202, pitched… Continue Reading..