California Rideshare Sexual Assault Attorney

Holding Uber And Lyft Drivers Accountable for Their Actions

Companies like Uber and Lyft have helped to alleviate the trouble of hailing a cab, which can often be expensive. But what happens when these ride-sharing apps are used for illegal activity? An alarming trend shows that Lyft and Uber drivers are sexually assaulting their passengers, and hundreds of cases have been reported so far.

Being a victim of sexual assault is a serious matter. If you or someone you know has been assaulted, start the healing process by sharing your experience with an attorney in private.

None of this should come with rideshare services:

  • Not allowing passengers to get out of the car when they feel at risk
  • Sexual harassment and unwanted advances
  • Stalking or following passengers after they exit the car
  • Touching, kissing, sexual assault

Intoxication is not an invitation for sexual assault. California law prohibits sexual assault, even when drinking is involved. Many sexual assaults in rideshare services occur between the driver and an intoxicated or otherwise incapacitated rider. This leads many victims to believe that they do not have a case since they may not recall everything that occurred.

Who Is Liable?

Our attorney will investigate the liability of all involved and hold them accountable for their degree of negligence. Both the driver and either Uber or Lyft could be liable for the assault.

While both rideshare companies conduct background checks on their drivers, companies could be held liable when due diligence measures failed to uncover a history of sexual assault or other related criminal activity. They could also be liable if the driver has a history of sexual assault complaints while driving for the company, yet the company failed to take appropriate action.

Protecting Your Rights After An Assault

Victims of sexual assault may be able to hold ridesharing services accountable for damages. You should speak to a California Rideshare Sexual Assault Attorney to determine possible options for recovering compensation for physical and emotional injuries.

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