Potter Handy, LLP

Law Firm

Potter Handy, LLP is a leading law firm due to its extraordinary record of precedent-setting cases. While Potter Handy’s advocacy has resulted in hundreds of published opinions, there are a score of such cases that wield tremendous influence. These cases—many of first impression—have shaped constitutional standing issues, damages analysis, the proper construction and interpretation of civil rights statutes and a variety of other hot-topic issues, and have been cited to by trial and appellate courts on more than 10,000 occasions. Potter Handy takes cases to judgment on average more than once a month.  Opposing attorneys should know that if they do not offer a fair settlement to a client of Potter Handy, they are dealing with a law firm that won’t hesitate to seek full recovery for its client in trial and that it will effectively defend any appeal filed by the defendant.  Potter Handy challenges any firm to compare its litigation history with Potter Handy’s.

Potter Handy, LLP is now representing clients throughout California, and Texas.