Adobe Lawsuit for Alleged Malpractices in California

Stand Up to Adobe’s Deceptive Practices and Terms of Use in California

Are you a California resident who has subscribed to Adobe’s products? If so, you may be eligible to join the latest lawsuit against Adobe. In this case, the plaintiffs are challenging Adobe’s deceptive practices, which trap millions of subscribers with hidden fees and a convoluted cancellation process.

We are only interested in claims that arose in California.

About the Lawsuit

The federal government has filed a lawsuit against Adobe for disguising an annual contract as a monthly subscription and failing to disclose penalties for early termination. It is also alleged that Adobe intentionally made it difficult to cancel services both online and over the phone.

Potter Handy, LLP is exploring bringing legal action against Adobe to seek relief for all affected customers, and we want to hear about your experience. If you were deceived or had difficulty canceling your Adobe service, please share your experience with us in your own words.

How to Join

  1. Fill Out the Contact Us Form: Provide your contact information and details about the issues you have encountered.
  2. Consultation: Our legal team will review your information and contact you for a free consultation to discuss your case.
  3. Join the Lawsuit: If eligible, you will be added to the lawsuit, and our attorneys will handle the rest.

Contact Us: Join the Lawsuit Against Adobe in California

If you or someone you know has been affected by Adobe’s deceptive practices, now is the time to take a stand and fight for justice. Join the lawsuit to seek compensation for damages caused by Adobe’s actions and send a message that consumer rights must be respected.

As experienced plaintiff lawyers, Potter Handy Law Firm is dedicated to fighting for consumers against powerful companies like Adobe Inc. We are committed to holding corporations accountable and seeking justice for those who have been wronged.

Join us in this fight for fairness. Let’s make our voices heard and show that the power lies with the people, not corporations.

Contact Potter Handy Law Firm today to learn more about joining the lawsuit against Adobe. Reach out to us online or call our intake professionals at (415) 534-1911.

Disclaimer: Potter Handy, LLP is not affiliated with Adobe in any way and operates independently as a law firm dedicated to helping individuals fight for justice and fair treatment. Our services are intended only for those who have been affected by Adobe’s illegal, unfair, and deceptive practices.