Race Discrimination Attorneys in California

In a perfect world, discrimination and mistreatment of people because of race, skin color, national origin, and ethnicity wouldn’t exist. Yet, despite the laws in place, racial discrimination against California’s employees still occurs all too often.  

Workplace race discrimination can be straightforward or subtle. Both of these forms are illegal. No employer has the right to use race as a factor in determining any aspect of your job. 

Signs of Racial Inequality at Work

Most employees are unaware that they are already experiencing racial discrimination in the workplace. They are therefore unable to file claims to protect their rights and seek compensation for damages.  

To combat this, educate yourself about the rights you have under anti-discrimination laws and keep a close eye on what constitutes violations. You are less likely to fall victim to offenders by knowing where to draw the line on your negative experiences. 

Racial discrimination takes many forms, including the following: 

  • Failure to hire 
  • Failure to promote 
  • Forced resignation 
  • Illegal termination (Can I Be Fired For No Reason in California?)
  • Unequal compensation and work conditions 
  • Unequal distribution of work 
  • Uneven implementation of employee rules and regulations 
  • Verbal harassment by supervisors, co-workers 

What Do You Need to Prove Your Claim?

As the claimant, the burden is on you to prove that your employer has committed racial discrimination against you.

You may need to obtain the following to do this: 

  • CCTV footage of you being harassed in the workplace 
  • Employee records to show that you are not getting the same benefits 
  • Memos representing discriminatory acts 
  • Witness declarations of employees who will attest to your allegations 

To take advantage of all of your legal options, you must act quickly. California has strict deadlines for initiating legal action. Learn more from EEOC.gov 

Most importantly, seek professional assistance from expert employment and labor law attorneys who can assist you in negotiating or litigating your employment claims. 

People who have been degraded, wrongly terminated, harassed or otherwise treated unlawfully have rights and options. Potter Handy, LLP represents individuals who have experienced workplace violations of civil rights.

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