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Employees try hard to comply with workplace rules, perform their jobs and climb the company ladder. Sometimes, companies themselves don’t obey laws of ethics and moral standards. If in the course of your employment, you discover that your employer is violating the law, you can do something about it.  

Society relies on the integrity of workers who do the right thing when confronted with illegal or unethical conduct. Unfortunately, though, doing the right thing can be risky. All too often, whistleblowers end up losing their jobs or getting demoted in retaliation for reporting misconduct. 

Nobody should have to suffer such consequences as a result of upholding important legal and ethical standards. If you revealed sensitive information about your employer or former employer and feel that you have been unfairly treated as a result, it is advisable to seek legal representation and to pursue the compensation that you may be entitled to under the law. In many instances, whistleblowers are financially rewarded for their courageous and sacrificial actions. 

Understanding Your Rights

Employees that “blow the whistle” on their employers are generally protected for their action under California law, as well as the federal Whistleblower Protection Act. Despite this, employer retaliation still frequently occurs when it comes to whistleblowers.  

Retaliation may include: 

  • Demotions 
  • Denial of promotions 
  • Loss of employment 
  • Pay decrease 
  • Reassignment to dead-end duties 
  • Suspension 
  • Threats and harassment 

If you’ve faced harsh discipline because of a whistleblower claim, the law is behind you. You can recover damages, and even be reinstated if you’ve been wrongly terminated. 

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