Transgender Discrimination

San Diego Transgender Employment Discrimination Attorney

Discrimination against transgender or gender identity implies treating an individual differently or taking adverse action against that individual on account of his or her gender identity or gender expression.  

Gender identity discrimination against transgender people may include: 

  • Disciplining an employee because the employee wears clothing according to their gender identity 
  • Firing an employee because of his or her plan to undergo sex-change surgery 
  • Harassment or assault of an employee on account of his or her gender identity 
  • Paying an employee at a reduced price or refusing to grant the employee benefits because of the gender identity or expression of the employee 

If any of these things occurred to you on the job, you may have been discriminated against by gender identity. 

In California, due to their gender identity or gender expression, the Fair Employment and Housing Act specifically offers protection for employees from harassment or discrimination in employment. No one should be denied a job simply because of who they are. Unfortunately, transgender employment discrimination is too common in workplace. 

Transgender Employment Discrimination in California

At Potter Handy, LLP, we are dedicated to fighting in court to get justice for individuals who have encountered discrimination of gender identity or gender expression. 

If you feel harassed or mistreated at work because of your gender identity or gender expression, please contact our firm. Our attorneys based in San Diego will help you in pursuing all legal remedies that are available to you.

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