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Filing a Lawsuit as a Group

While most instances of consumer fraud or employment fraud occur between individuals, there are instances where companies will steal from large groups of employees or consumers through a policy or set of policies which affect the employees or the consumers on a large scale. While each employee or consumer may have lost a small amount of money, the loss as a whole can reach millions or billions.

In that instance, the law allows individuals, called class representatives, to represent a group of people, called the class members, who are similarly affected by the unlawful or deceptive practices at issue in the case. Those class representatives then represent the class members in a lawsuit against the bad actor. In this way, private individuals can band together to take on even the largest corporations. At Potter Handy, our experienced attorneys have represented employees and consumers throughout the State of California since 2007, resulting in over $100 million in settlements. If you believe you have lost money or property as a result of a policy or practice of a company that affects more than 20 people, contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Possible Claims

If you believe you’ve been affected by any of the following, contact us today for more information.

Background Checks

  • Have you lost a job due to items contained in a background check? If yes, we may be able to help you. A number of consumer reporting agencies and employers fail to follow the law with regard to background checks, leading to class action lawsuits with statutory damages of up to $16,000 per violation.

Consumer Fraud

  • Local, state, and federal laws governing product safety, marketing, and pricing regulate manufacturers and businesses. When companies or service providers engage in misleading advertising or fraud, they may be held liable financially for the losses they cause.

Data Breaches

  • Have you received notice that your information was stolen due to a data breach incident? If so, you may be entitled to damages or other remedies.

Wage and Hour Litigation

  • A number of employers fail to comply with California law regarding paying for all hours worked, missed or on-duty breaks, unreimbursed expenses, illegal deductions, unpaid vacation time, and more.

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Class action lawsuits can benefit a large group of plaintiffs through a single legal action, but knowing how to get started can be quite daunting.

Don’t wait! If you feel as though you have an employment law issue or a class action lawsuit, contact us for a free phone consultation. Speak with an attorney and let us help you figure out your best, next steps. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps to get the results you want. No fees will be charged unless you receive a payout.

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