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The Facts of the Slater Fire

On September 6, 2020, the National Weather Service issued a red-flag warning forecasting high fire danger which could likely contribute to a significant spread of new and existing fires in the area of the Slater Butte Fire Lookout near Happy Camp, California. However, despite the red-flag warning, PacifiCorp failed to de-energize its powerlines in the area. Just days later, on September 8, the massive fire ignited near the Slater Butte Fire Lookout. The fire grew rapidly and spread quickly because of high winds, hot temperatures, and low humidity.

The Slater Fire burned more than 157,000 acres, damaged or destroyed more than 700 structures, resulted in multiple injuries and fatalities, and has had devastating effects on the local community.

What Caused the Slater Fire?

An investigation is taking place into the origin of the Slater Fire. Claims are being made against PacifiCorp alleging:

  • PacifiCorp failed to properly trim trees close to their powerlines.
  • PacifiCorp negligently failed to de-energize its powerlines in the area a red-flag warning was issued.
  • PacifiCorp’s powerlines came into contact with a nearby tree.
  • PacifiCorp failed to properly inspect and maintain its equipment.

PacifiCorp operates both a high voltage transmission line and local distribution lines directly in the area where the fire likely ignited.

Slater Fire Claims – Compensation You Can Seek

Slater Fire victims are homeowners, renters, business owners, and other individuals and entities whose property was destroyed by the Slater Fire and whose lives have been devastated by the disaster.

While each case is different, common damage categories include:

  • Business losses
  • Damage to trees, timber, or underwood
  • Depreciation in the value of your land
  • Emotional distress
  • Harm to pets or livestock
  • Loss of crops
  • Lost wages
  • Personal injury
  • The cost to repair or replace your home and personal property
  • The loss of use and enjoyment of your property
  • Wrongful death

If PacifiCorp is found to be responsible for causing the fire, you may be entitled to damages that your insurance – even good insurance — won’t cover. In addition to underinsured homes, most insurance policies don’t cover vegetation that is not part of the landscaping, natural vegetation or compensation for you or your family for the upheaval caused by the Slater Fire. The law provides for more compensation than most people realize.

When our Slater Fire Lawyers take on a case, we are consciously thorough in our investigations. We must be sure that we have identified all of your damages and accurately calculated them.

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