Google Incognito Mode Lawsuit

Legal Representation for Victims of Google’s Privacy Violations

Google Incognito mode is fake. While touting privacy and security, Google violated your rights by tracking your internet activity just as they would have in a normal browsing session. They then sold your private information. By labeling Incognito mode as “private” and using terms like “browse privately,” Google gave users the false impression that Google was doing everything it could to protect users’ privacy.

We believe Google’s actions directly violate California law. We are passionate about holding big businesses accountable for their egregious and illegal behavior. If you used Google Incognito with an expectation of privacy, you may be entitled to compensation. Fill out the short qualifying questionnaire here to see if you qualify for statutory penalties.

Google thinks it can get away with anything – yes even intentionally misleading users about their level of privacy while secretly tracking, collecting and selling your data. They have already profited tens of billions of dollars from this illegal behavior alone. If they can keep that money, why wouldn’t they engage in similar illegal behavior in the future?  Despite having a market value of just under 2 Trillion Dollars Google still felt the need to lie and mislead to gain more of a market advantage.  We hope you will do your part to help hold Google accountable by retaining Potter Handy to pursue your claims against Google.