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Since its establishment in 1996, Potter Handy, LLP has been at the forefront of legal excellence, diligently representing clients across California, Texas, and Illinois. Our seasoned attorneys have garnered a sterling reputation for their adept handling of a myriad of cases, from personal injury disputes to complex civil rights litigation.

With an illustrious track record spanning over two decades, our firm’s attorneys have navigated countless trials and appeals in both Federal and State Courts, including landmark appearances before the California and U.S. Supreme Courts. Boasting an impressive tally of over 150 published favorable opinions, Potter Handy, LLP has been instrumental in shaping legal precedent and championing civil and consumer rights nationwide.

Our team’s proficiency spans a diverse spectrum of legal domains, empowering us to adeptly handle a wide array of cases, ranging from personal injury claims and civil rights disputes to employee grievances, consumer class actions, data breach litigation, and mass tort cases. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence and tireless advocacy, Potter Handy, LLP remains committed to delivering unparalleled legal representation and driving positive change in communities across the United States.

Meet Our Team

Picture of Mark Potter


Mark Potter

Named partner at Potter Handy, LLP, Mr. Potter is a seasoned litigator, interviewed on CNN. Admitted to practice in all CA & federal courts, incl. U.S. Supreme Court.

Picture of Russell Handy


Russell Handy

Distinguished partner at Potter Handy, LLP, Russell Handy excels in litigation & appellate law. Decorated veteran & civil rights advocate, honored for exceptional contributions.

Picture of Allison Farwell

Trial Lawyer

Allison Farwell

Allison Farwell, a trusted advocate, dedicates her practice to medical malpractice and elder abuse, securing millions for her clients and ensuring accountability.

Picture of Angel Sanchez

Trial Lawyer

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez, Esq., bridges academia and law, advocating STEM diversity. From teaching to legal counsel, his expertise empowers clients & drives innovation.

Picture of Barry Walker

Trial Lawyer

Barry Walker

Barry M. Walker, a member of the California Bar since ’98, excels in civil litigation. He is known for his dedication and excellence at Potter Handy’s mass actions division.

Picture of Cara Townsend

Trial Lawyer

Cara Townsend

Cara Townsend, a legal luminary with a stellar track record, excels in courtroom advocacy and leads with compassion. Championing justice at Potter Handy and beyond.

Picture of Christina Carson

Trial Lawyer

Christina Carson

Christina Carson’s journey merges litigation skill with journalistic finesse. Transitioning from crime reporter to litigator, she shapes law firm excellence.

Picture of Claire Cylkowski

Trial Lawyer

Claire Cylkowski

Claire Cylkowski, an accomplished attorney at Potter Handy LLP, is dedicated to data privacy law, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to justice and community service.

Picture of Isabel Masanque

Trial Lawyer

Isabel Masanque

Ms. Masanque is a seasoned civil rights advocate who now uses her decade of experience to seek justice for mass tort victims. Ms. Masanque is licensed in California.

Picture of Jason Masanque

Trial Lawyer

Jason Masanque

Mr. Masanque is a dedicated California attorney advocating for individuals’ rights, deeply involved in San Diego’s legal community, driven by a passion for inclusivity.

Picture of James Treglio

Trial Lawyer

James Treglio

James Treglio, leading Potter Handy’s class action division, secures $100M+ for California consumers. Championing workplace rights with unmatched expertise.

Picture of Krista Hemming

Trial Lawyer

Krista Hemming

Krista R. Hemming, an esteemed associate attorney at Potter Handy LLP, channels her passion for justice into navigating civil rights cases with precision and unwavering dedication.

Picture of Naomi Butler

Trial Lawyer

Naomi Butler

Naomi Butler, dedicated attorney at Potter Handy, LLP, champions elder abuse victims’ rights. Committed to justice, she serves with compassion and diligence.

Picture of Sarah Anastasi

Trial Lawyer

Sarah Anastasi

Sarah Anastasi, excels in civil litigation, mass torts, mediation. Prioritizes client well-being with legal expertise, compassionate support. Graduated Cum Laude from Southwestern Law School.

Picture of Tehniat Zaman

Trial Lawyer

Tehniat Zaman

Ms. Zaman passionately champions civil rights, leveraging her unique background to advocate zealously for clients. Licensed in California and Illinois.