Picture of Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez

Angel Sanchez, Esq., brings a rich tapestry of experiences and expertise to the legal realm. Graduating with honors from Thomas Jefferson School of Law and holding a Bachelor’s degree from UC San Diego, his academic journey signifies a commitment to excellence. Prior to his legal tenure, Mr. Sanchez served as a revered science teacher in San Diego, advocating for minority and female representation in STEM fields. His pioneering efforts include designing an innovative all-girls program integrating engineering, 3D printing, and robotics, aimed at nurturing future leaders in science and engineering.

Transitioning seamlessly into the legal arena, Mr. Sanchez‘s career trajectory reflects a multifaceted approach. From his role as a law school professor to his tenure as in-house legal counsel and director of a large-scale enterprise, his professional repertoire underscores a versatile skill set. At Potter Handy, Mr. Sanchez‘s purview extends across a spectrum of legal domains, from flood cases to patent law, trademark law, employment law, and criminal law. His adept guidance has propelled solo inventors and burgeoning start-ups towards achieving their intellectual property objectives, illuminating his commitment to empowering clients and fostering innovation.

Mr. Sanchez‘s legal acumen spans diverse industries, exemplifying a breadth of experience that transcends boundaries. His involvement with trademarks and patents has left an indelible mark across pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, software development, material science, medical devices, wireless technologies, and beyond. Beyond the courtroom, Mr. Sanchez finds solace in family adventures, traversing bike trails with his wife and children, and indulging in the rich tapestry of international gastronomy, embodying a holistic approach to life’s pursuits.