Class Action: California Adjunct Professors

Sue California Universities Over Wage Theft

Potter Handy, LLP is looking for clients (Adjunct Professors) who were required to complete tasks outside of the classrooms such as class preparation, holding office hours, creating course outlines, and grading exams and papers without getting paid.

California-based universities hire adjunct professors to teach 2-3 times per week over the course of a semester for which they’re to be paid a fixed amount for each class taught. The universities have required these professors to perform “non-productive tasks” related to course work that are to be done outside of class time.

These tasks include:

  • Preparing for lectures
  • Creating course material
  • Being available to students by phone or email
  • Grading students’ papers
  • Other duties

Additionally, this class action lawsuit also claims that the universities failed to provide breaks for meals and did not reimburse professors for the time they spent at the semester’s end.

These unfair business practices include failing to pay Class Members for Non-Teaching time, and for rest break time; failing to authorize and permit timely off-duty rest periods and pay premium pay for missed rest breaks; and failing to provide paid meal breaks and pay premium pay for missed meal breaks.

Proposed class members were entitled to pay for their “non-productive” duties under California’s labor code yet were never compensated for this time.

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