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Despite the progress made in eliminating gender bias, in the workplace, women continue to suffer discrimination. Our employment attorneys at Potter Handy have successfully pursued claims on behalf of employees in California who have been harmed by illegal gender discrimination. 

California Law and Workplace Gender Discrimination in San Diego

The Fair Employment and Housing Act of California (FEHA) is the comprehensive statute that legally prohibits discrimination. FEHA prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, marital status, gender identity, mental disability, age, ancestry and mental condition of an individual. This law provides you with legal cause for action if you are ever discriminated against in the workplace because of your sex, or any housing-related situation. The enforcement of the FEHA is overseen by the California California Civil Rights Department (CRD). 

Types of Gender Discrimination

Wage Discrimination – An employer pays employees of one sex less than employees of the other sex for the same job. Under the California Fair Pay Act, the Equal Pay Act and other laws, this type of discrimination is illegal. 

Sexual Harassment – May involve situations where a boss or supervisor is requesting or asking for sexual favors in exchange for continued employment or other benefits. There may be a claim for a hostile work environment when a workplace is dominated by offensive, sexually explicit material or employees are subjected to sexually abusive behavior by managers, clients, supervisors or coworkers. 

Pregnancy Discrimination – Includes situations where, due to pregnancy or childbirth, an employer takes an adverse job action against a female employee. Discriminatory measures taken as a result of pregnancy or childbirth may include different treatment of pregnancy-related disability than other types of disability.  

Breastfeeding Accommodations: Under the Lactation Accommodation Law of California, employees are allowed to take breaks to express or pump breast milk for their infants. Employers need to make reasonable efforts to provide a private place. 

San Diego Employment Attorneys: Get the Representation You Deserve

If you feel you have been subjected to gender discrimination in the workplace, please contact Potter Handy, LLP in San Diego, California. We can help you receive the compensation that you deserve. 

Some of the many penalties that could be imposed against your employer include: 

  • Company injunction for unlawful discrimination and harassment  
  • Compensation for lost wages due to misconduct 
  • Damages related to your suit for out-of-pocket expenses 
  • Fines imposed on the employer for breach of the FEHA and other statutes of non-discrimination 
  • Punitive damages and penalties for civil liability 

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