Mission Community Hospital Data Breach Lawsuit

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Potter Handy LLP is currently reviewing cases on behalf of individuals affected by the Mission Community Hospital data breach. These individuals may have had their personal and confidential information illegally accessed by an unknown third party during the Mission Community Hospital Center data breach. Potter Handy LLP will conduct a complimentary assessment of your data breach claim in order to safeguard the rights and privacy of all those impacted by the Mission Community Hospital Center data breach.

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About Mission Community Hospital

Mission Community Hospital is a healthcare provider that offers a comprehensive array of medical, surgical, psychiatric, and emergency room services. Established in 1923, it takes pride in being the oldest hospital in the San Fernando Valley of California. Currently owned and operated by its parent company, Deanco Healthcare, LLC, Mission Community Hospital is headquartered in Panorama City, California. It functions as a two-campus care center, featuring a 60-bed inpatient unit and a recently constructed 145-bed facility. Mission Community provides a full range of medical, surgical and mental health care, including 24-hour emergency services. The majority of Mission Community Hospital’s services are provided to Medicare and Medi-Cal beneficiaries. Mission Community Hospital employs more than 370 people and generates approximately $50 million in annual revenue.

What Happened?

On May 1, 2023, Mission Community Hospital discovered that it had fallen victim to a data breach, potentially exposing sensitive personal information in its systems. By May 31, 2023, RansomHouse, a well-known ransomware group, had publicly shared several files online as proof of the attack. These files included data from Mission Community Hospital’s imaging system, employee records, and financial reports. In response to the incident, the hospital sought the help of a cybersecurity firm to conduct a forensic investigation, aiming to understand the nature of the breach and assess the extent of unauthorized activities. Following the investigation, it was determined that an unauthorized entity had gained access to files containing patient information and other sensitive data.

If you have received a notification from Mission Community Hospital stating that a data breach has exposed your personal information, you should contact our highly qualified Data Breach Lawyers. These attorneys can effectively protect your legal rights and ensure that those responsible for causing the harm are held accountable.

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By selecting a qualified Data Breach Lawyer in California, you can be assured that your interests are protected thoroughly during the entire case, providing you with peace of mind.

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What Information Was Involved in the Mission Community Hospital Data Breach?

The investigation has concluded that the incident may have led to unauthorized access to certain confidential information.

The types of personal information contained in the impacted files may included:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Financial account information
  • Health insurance plan member ID
  • Claims data and clinical information about your care with Mission Community Hospital.

All of the specific files that may have been accessed or removed could not be determined.

Protecting Consumers’ Privacy Rights Following the Mission Community Hospital Data Breach

If you were notified that your information had been stolen as a result of the Mission Community Hospital data breach, you may be entitled to compensation or other remedies.

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