Wildfire Smoke Damage

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Has your home or business suffered Smoke Damage from a Wildfire?

  • Over the past couple of years, wildfires throughout our country have claimed the homes and businesses of thousands of people. As the imminent danger of the flames subside and are extinguished, many residents and business owners are left dealing with the bi-product of the devastating fires—namely residual smoke damage. This lingering effect may not appear as dangerous as a wall of flames, however, in the long-term, it very well may be more dangerous. 

Do you have an insurance claim for total loss, partial loss or smoke damage?

  • Insurance companies are in the business of making money. If the insurance company pays claims, they make less money. Therefore, their goal is to minimize claims or simply deny them. Too often, this practice leaves their customers to suffer economic hardship. You are required to pay your premiums, they should be required to pay your legitimate claim.  
  • We have qualified experts who can determine the magnitude of your financial damage and will deal with your insurance company, who prefers that you never know about it. 

What Damage May Be Caused?

Flames and smoke from wildfires can affect the following areas of the home or business property, including: 

  • Fabrics (carpets, rugs, clothes, upholstery) may become discolored 
  • Furniture can be damaged, depending on the material used 
  • Walls may become damaged by heat transfers 
  • Windows can become discolored or warp 
  • Plants and soil may become harmed or contaminated by smoke 
  • Concrete can crack because of dehydration or prolonged heat-exposure 
  • Roofs may become damaged by burning embers drifting from nearby flames 

Even if you manage to escape the wildfires and their smoke, returning to your home or business only to find it severely damaged by flames can be incredibly upsetting. 

Smoke Damage Affects Your Health

If smoke damage is not properly removed, your home or business could be contaminated with microscopic particles that may cause coughing, allergies, breathing problems and other serious ailments. 

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