Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment

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Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase that means “this for that.” As the name implies, quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when sexual favors are requested or demanded in exchange for a specific job benefit. (E.g., “If you perform a sex act on me, I will give you a raise.”) 

Generally, quid pro quo sexual harassment appears in one of two forms: 

  • An employer or supervisor provides some kind of advantage to a worker depending on the employee’s sexual favor; or 
  • An employer or supervisor is threatening an employee with some kind of work-related action, such as a termination risk unless the worker submits certain sexual demands. 

Quid pro quo cases often involve unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate discussion of graphic sexual acts, or commenting on the body of the employee and the sexual uses to which it may be put. 

Such violations can be committed either expressly or impliedly. In return for sexual favors, merely hinting at a work advantage can represent quid pro quo sexual harassment. 

Quid pro quo is generally a severe violation of the law. Even one instance of quid pro quo harassment can be sufficient to bring a lawsuit as long as a tangible employment action is the result of an unwillingness to submit to the sexual demands of a supervisor. 

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