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*Court-approved deadline for fire claimants to file claims against PG&E has been extended to December 31 at 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time). File a claim for a large cash settlement in addition to your FEMA assistance. Victims are encouraged to apply because of the unknown economic status of PG&E. If you wait, you can be left with nothing. Call Now 530-212-7582

  • According to SF Chronicle, PG&E had set aside $10.5 billion to cover Camp Fire claims. 
  • Bloomberg reports that PG&E’s proposal is to pay $14 billion total on fire claims (for not only the Camp Fire, but also the 2017 Northern California wildfires. 

The size of any payouts may depend on how well the claim forms are filled out. Our wildfire attorneys can help with the process. 

Don’t worry! We’ll file your claim for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions about PG&E Claims Deadline

What happens if I miss the deadline? 

  • Your claim is dead. PG&E will be allowed to discharge any responsibility it has towards you for wildfires in 2017 and 2018. PG&E is going through a process of bankruptcy that enables it to discharge its debts if claims are not submitted before the deadline. 

How long before I get money from filing a claim? 

  • This isn’t like filing a claim for part of a settlement. But afterward, perhaps someone may still need to litigate your case. Just because PG&E reserves money doesn’t necessarily indicate you’re going to get anything. Our wildfire attorneys provide over 20 years of litigation experience.  
  • We have an excellent track record, representing over 1000 plaintiffs who have been adversely affected by wildfires. 

Why do I need a lawyer to file my claim against PG&E? 

  • Claim forms can be confusing, tiring, or complicated to fill out. We can manage the entire process for you. We can collect all the data we need and then file it. 
  • The process doesn’t end when you file your claim. The allegations go to the judge, and additional court filings or proceedings may occur. If we represent you, we will be able to file and appear on your behalf. 

Get help filing before the deadline

Our wildfire attorneys will seek damages on your behalf for the losses you have incurred with absolutely no out-of-pocket expenses from you.

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