Getty Fire Lawsuit

Getty Fire Lawyers – Los Angeles County

The Getty Fire broke out along the 405 Freeway close to the Getty Center and then spread to the west and south, stopping traffic on the 405 and quickly burning over 600 acres. Nearly 2600 DWP customers lost power as a result of the fire.

The Getty Fire, as of November 2, 2019, has burned 745 acres, injured five firefighters, destroyed 10 residences and damaged 15 residences.

FIRE CAUSE: Investigators have determined the preliminary cause of the fire by using burn patterns, witness statements, and physical evidence. The fire was deemed an accidental start, caused by a tree branch that broke off and subsequently landed in nearby powerlines during high wind conditions. This errant tree branch caused the sparking and arcing of powerlines, igniting nearby brush. All powerlines on the pole remained intact (

How To Make A Getty Fire Claim

Our Getty Fire Lawyers are experienced in pursuing claims on behalf of homeowners, business owners, property owners and renters who sustained injuries or whose property was destroyed or damaged by the fire.

If you or a loved one was injured or suffered property damage/loss in the Getty Fire, you’ll want to speak with a local lawyer who specializes in pursuing wildfire loss and injury claims against California utility companies.

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