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Before, during or soon after birth, a baby’s face muscles may become momentarily or permanently paralyzed. As a result, a common (and serious) birth injury affecting many children is facial paralysis among newborns.

Facial paralysis injuries occur for many different reasons. Many doctors believe such injuries occur due to the following circumstances:

  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Infections and sepsis
  • Exposure to herpes

Experienced doctors understand that preventive action must be taken during a woman’s pregnancy to prevent facial paralysis or other birth injuries. That’s why many doctors are prescribing medicines to stop mother-to-baby transmission of an infection or herpes.

Unfortunately, some doctors disregard such warning signs or fail to treat medical circumstances aggressively that could cause paralysis of the face. And when they do, their actions should be held accountable.

Bell’s Palsy is one of the most common facial injuries suffered by newborn babies. One side of their face can not be moved by children with Bell’s Palsy. Often this medical condition is temporary, but in some cases, it can be permanent.

If your child is suffering from Bell’s Palsy or another form of injury with facial paralysis, please contact Potter Handy, LLP. Our skilled attorneys can work with your family to ensure that your child’s injuries receive the care and attention they deserve.

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