Consumer Protection Attorneys in California

Potter Handy attorneys represent consumers around the country in a variety of important and complex class actions. In the United States consumer-based economy, working families who purchase products and services must receive truthful information so they can make meaningful choices about how to spend their hard-earned money. When corporations deceive or take advantage of unequal bargaining power, or just plain violate the law, class action suits provide the only realistic means for an individual to right a corporate wrong.

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Common Consumer Complaints

The most common types of consumer complaints include:

  • Falsely advertising the benefits, content or attributes of a product or service
  • Sale of illegal and dangerous products to an unsuspecting public
  • Illegal recording of telephone conversations
  • Violation of privacy rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Failure to protect personal and medical information from hackers
  • Unsolicited phone calls, texts, and faxes – robocalls or automated phone calls that violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

If you’ve been injured or otherwise wronged by a company, you are probably not alone. In today’s world, most practices, even illegal and unlawful ones, are automated, and very rarely will a practice affect just one consumer. By contacting a class action attorney, and undergoing a complete, and free, consultation, you can not only help yourself but help thousands of others just like you.

Experience You Can Count On

The Firm’s attorneys have taken a leading role in many of consumer fraud, environmental, cases throughout the United States. Potter Handy LLP is also actively involved in many cases relating to the so-called gig economy, consumer reporting agencies, pet food companies, opiate litigation, data breach litigation, and illegal recording by collections agencies.

Achievements of the Firm’s robust, nationwide consumer practice include:

Unlawful Sale of Androstenediol. Potter Handy’s attorneys have played a central role in lawsuits against the retail sellers of androstenediol, a steroid illegally sold by retailers such as GNC. Ultimately, the consumers received almost complete compensation for their purchase of these illegal products.

Sale of Tainted Pet Food. Potter Handy’s attorneys have undertaken numerous cases involving the sale of tainted or even poisonous pet food and pet treats which cost thousands of owners the loss of their beloved pets. While no amount of money can bring back the loss of a beloved pet, Potter Handy’s attorneys have assisted in providing compensation to thousands of consumers.

Breach of Medical Information. Every day, insurance companies and health care providers lose protected medical information through careless acts, such as emailing third parties medical information or sending your personal information to third parties without any encryption or protection. Potter Handy’s attorneys have been instrumental in protecting privacy rights.

Improper Background Checks. In today’s economy, the wrong information on a background check can cost consumers their jobs and their homes. Potter Handy’s attorneys have taken a lead in the area of background check litigation, with cases pending against the largest tenant screening consumer reporting agency in the country, and numerous cases against unscrupulous employers.

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