Consumer Fraud Attorneys in California

Local, state, and federal laws governing product safety, marketing, and pricing regulate manufacturers and businesses. When companies or service providers engage in misleading advertising or fraud, they may be held liable financially for the losses they cause.

Our consumer fraud attorneys act immediately at Potter Handy, LLP to recover losses for our clients. Whether writing demand letters or filing a lawsuit on a client’s behalf, we are prepared to hire investigators, subpoena records, and interview witnesses to expose fraud.

We put the law in your hands and pursue our clients’ justice in an aggressive manner. If you have questions about a consumer fraud case, contact our California consumer fraud attorneys.

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Protecting Consumers from Predators

The Potter Handy Law Firm’s consumer protection attorneys represent clients with the following types of fraud and/or deceptive business practices in consumer fraud cases:

  • Bait and switch 
  • False advertising 
  • Non-delivery of services 
  • Pyramid schemes and other scams 
  • Selling of faulty or damaged products
  •  Illegal Recording
  • Unwanted Calls and Texts

Leveling the Playing Field

It’s understandable – most people don’t think they have a chance against large insurance, bank, or national chain stores. But no matter how many lawyers the other side has, before the law, everyone is equal. Bringing evidence and facts to bear on a case, we put the other side on the defensive and leave no room for them to hide. Leveling the field of play by exposing the truth, we hold businesses and individuals accountable before the court.

And it’s not just about negotiating or winning compensation for our clients at The Potter Handy Law Firm – it’s also about going after businesses and individuals who harm our communities and neighbors by engaging in fraudulent business practices that are threatening and deceptive to us all.

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