California Disability Access

Why Access Matters: It’s a civil right for people with disabilities

Whether it’s a movie theater, a store, or a doctor’s office, disabled individuals have the same right to go there. The rights are outlined by the ADA and the Unruh Civil Rights Act of California. Legislators passed these laws for a reason. They wanted people with disabilities treated equally. They wanted to remove barriers that keep people from being part of our society. 

Access is not a privilege. It’s a right. However, many still fail to follow the law and lawsuits follow. We need to change our thinking. We need to treat individuals with disabilities as equals in our community and enforce access policies that include individuals. Doing this means we value diversity and want to build a community that everyone can appreciate. 

The Everyday Barriers for People with Disabilities

People who do not have a disability take for granted how simple it is to access some of the most fundamental areas around the community. 

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If you have a question about your rights, please do not hesitate to ask. You have the right to force facilities to provide access as required by law and you are entitled to damages if the facility does not meet those requirements.

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