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Are you not getting paid what you earned? In Los Angeles, if your boss isn’t giving you your full wages, you should get help from a wage and hour lawyer at Potter Handy LLP. Get your free consultation today. We can help if you haven’t been paid for regular hours, overtime, or any bonuses.

At Potter Handy Law Firm, our employment attorneys have extensive knowledge in state laws. They can guide you through your legal rights and help you get your unpaid money.

If you’re dealing with wage theft, it’s vital to do something. Our team is here to fight for what’s right in Los Angeles. We want to help you get what you’re owed.

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What are Unpaid Wages and Wage and Hour Laws in Los Angeles?

It’s key to know your work rights, especially about unpaid wages. This means money your boss did not pay you for working. It includes not just your usual pay but also overtime, bonuses, and more. If you’re not getting your full pay, know you have steps to take.

Understanding Unpaid Wage Claims

Not being paid what you’ve earned is a serious issue. You can file a claim to get your money back. This means telling the right folks, like the legal team at Potter Handy, about your situation. They will investigate to help you get what you’re owed, especially if there are California unpaid wage issues.

Seeking Legal Advice from a Wage and Hour Law Firm

Getting help from a wage and hour attorney is a good idea if you’re missing pay. They know the laws and can guide you on matters related to employment law.

Have concerns about your pay? Don’t wait to get help. Call Potter Handy at (415) 534-1911 or email us for a free consultation. We’re here to support you in getting your fair share.

How to File a Wage and Hour Claim in Los Angeles?

If your boss cheats you out of money, you can file a wage and hour claim in Los Angeles. It’s key to follow the right steps to address any wage and hour violations. This ensures your claim gets the attention it needs. Here’s how to file a claim and why talking to a lawyer in Los Angeles is a smart move.

Steps to File a Los Angeles Wage Claim

  1. First, gather your proof. This could be timecards, pay stubs, or any records showing the money you haven’t been paid.
  2. Next, contact Potter Handy LLP. Fill out a detailed complaint. Attach your evidence. They will look into your case to see if you should get your wages back.
  3. If they say yes, help with the investigation. Give them any other info or proof they need to support your claim.
  4. You might have to go to some meetings or hearings. This is where you and your employer can try to solve the issue.

Consultation with a Los Angeles Wage and Hour Lawyer

Filing a claim involves tricky steps. Talking to Potter Handy Law Firm can be a game-changer. We know this area of law inside out. Having an experienced legal team on your side can make a big difference.

An experienced wage and hour attorney can help in many ways. They’ll make sure you have a strong case, handle the complex paperwork, and stand up for your rights. Their goal is to secure the pay you’re entitled to.

If you’re facing issues with your wages in Los Angeles, getting legal help is wise. Call our team at (415) 534-1911 or email us for a free consultation about your Los Angeles unpaid wages. Our wage and hour attorneys understand the California labor code are ready to champion your rights.

What Are Employer Responsibilities Regarding Wages and Hours?

Employers have important responsibilities when it comes to wages and hours that directly impact you as an employee. One key responsibility is ensuring that you are paid fairly and promptly for all the work you do. This includes paying at least the minimum wage set by law, providing overtime pay when applicable, and issuing accurate pay stubs that detail your earnings.

Employer Obligations for Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay

Employers need to pay their workers at least the minimum wage. This wage is set by the government and can differ between states. For example, in California, the minimum wage is higher than the federal rate. It changes based on the size of the company and California law requirements.

If someone works over 40 hours a week, they should get overtime pay. This pay is time and a half of their usual pay. But, some workers might not get this extra pay if they fall into certain job categories, like independent contractors.

Ensuring Compliance with Los Angeles Wage Theft Ordinance

If you work in Los Angeles, your employer must follow special local laws too. The Los Angeles Wage Theft Ordinance addresses issues related to Los Angeles unpaid wages and protects employees with more rules on wages and records.

Employers in L.A. need to tell new hires about their pay rates and when they’ll get paid. Plus, they must keep good records of work hours and pay. Breaking these rules can lead to fines for the employer.

Knowing and following these wage and hour rules is important for employers. It helps create a fair workplace. It also protects the rights of the people working there.

Do you have questions or need help with legal issues on pay and hours? Contact a Los Angeles employment lawyer. You can reach out for a free and private chat. Call us at (415) 534-1911 or email to set up a meeting with an employment attorney.

When Should You Consult with an Unpaid Wage Attorney?

If you’re in a situation where you believe you haven’t been properly compensated for the work you’ve done, it’s crucial to consider seeking advice from an unpaid wage attorney.

Recognizing Wage Theft and Unpaid Wage Violations

Think you got paid less than you deserve? Or not at all for your work? It’s smart to talk to a legal professional about it. There are many ways companies can cheat their workers out of money. For example:

  • Classified you as an independent contractor
  • Paid you less than minimum wage in California
  • Deducts money from your paycheck for any reason
  • Failed to pay you for all hours worked within 24 hours of termination or lay-off
  • Failed to reimburse you for work-related expenses including cell phone charges, mileage, home office expenses, and travel costs
  • Failed to provide you with a complete and accurate paystub so you can determine whether you were paid correctly during the pay period
  • Paid you a piece-rate basis or commission basis, but did not pay you for non-productive time, such as administrative time or rest periods
  • Prevented you from taking an uninterrupted meal break or any of your rest breaks – or required you to perform job duties during your meal or rest break
  • Failed to pay you overtime, or failed to pay overtime at the correct rate, such as failing to include commissions into the overtime premium rate calculations
  • Failed to pay you for all the hours you worked, including time spent for bag checks, booting-up or booting down computers, putting on protective clothing and/or gear, and other de minimis time

An employment attorney knows all about these schemes. They can help find proof and support your case in employment law. Potter Handy will make sure you understand your rights and the path to justice.

The Role of a Lawyer in Handling Wage and Hour Disputes

If your boss isn’t paying you what you’re due, you need a Potter Handy on your side. Here’s what they can do:

  1. They’ll look at your situation closely and figure out if you have a strong case.
  2. A lawyer will talk to your employer for you, to try to fix things without going to court.
  3. If needed, they’ll make an official claim for your wages or sue your employer.
  4. Your lawyer won’t stop until you get what you’re owed, like extra pay, penalties, or back wages.

Getting help from an unpaid wage attorney is key to dealing with these tricky situations. Need help? Call us at (415) 534-1911 or send an email. We offer a free and private consultation to talk about your work payment issues.

Seeking Legal Representation for Wage and Hour Claims

Are you not getting paid in Los Angeles? Need legal help? You should talk to Potter Handy Law Firm. Our team is skilled in wage and hour law and focuses on cases about unpaid wages.

If your pay hasn’t come, we’re here for you. Each case is different, and we treat them that way. Our legal team will work hard on your case. They will look for proof and try to get your money back. We fight to get you what you are owed.

Want to know more? We’ll check out your case for free. Our team will hear you out and help guide you. Call (415) 534-1911 or email us now. Don’t let your wages go unpaid. We’re here to stand up for your rights.