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Los Angeles Uber Sexual Assault Claim

If you or someone you know has been a victim of sexual assault involving an Uber driver in the Los Angeles area, initiating the healing process begins with confidentially sharing your experience with a lawyer who is superior in handling such cases. It’s crucial to seek legal guidance and support to navigate through this challenging situation.

Passengers should not be subjected to the following while using rideshare services:

  • Being prevented from exiting the vehicle when feeling unsafe
  • Sexual harassment and unwelcome advancements
  • Following or stalking passengers after they have left the vehicle
  • Inappropriate touching, kissing, or sexual assault

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs does not give anyone the right to commit sexual assault.

In the state of California, sexual assault is illegal, regardless of whether alcohol was consumed. It is alarming that a significant number of sexual assaults in rideshare services involve intoxicated passengers. Many survivors are unsure about whether they can seek justice, especially if they have gaps in their memory due to their state of intoxication. It’s important for survivors to know that they have rights and legal options available to pursue accountability and support in such situations.

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Who Is Liable?

Our team of experienced lawyers will thoroughly examine the responsibility of each party involved and ensure they are held accountable for their level of negligence. The driver as well as Uber could potentially be held liable for the sexual assault, giving survivors the option to pursue legal action directly against Uber for their ordeal.

Despite the fact that rideshare companies do conduct background checks on their drivers, these companies may face legal consequences if their thorough screening processes fail to identify a driver with a record of sexual assault or other criminal activities. In addition, companies could be held responsible for any sexual assault incidents involving a driver who had previous sexual assault complaints while working for the company, especially if the company did not take the necessary actions to address the issue.

Uber Sexual Assault Lawyer in Los Angeles

Victims of sexual assault have the ability to hold ridesharing services accountable and take legal steps against Uber for their failure to prevent such occurrences. Potter Handy Law Firm features a team of experienced attorneys who are superior in handling sexual assault cases. If you’ve been a victim of sexual assault by an Uber driver, our lawyers can review your claim to determine options for seeking compensation for the physical and emotional impacts of the incident.

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