Will Paradise, CA Rebuild after the Camp Fire

A New Paradise or Closure?

As the fog rolled into the town of paradise on December 15, 2018 so did thousands of recent evacuees. The beautiful skyway entrance to the town they once loved was backed up for miles. An eerie reminder of the congestion they faced 5 weeks ago.

Will Paradise, CA Rebuild after the Camp Fire

1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13) and the unincorporated area of Butte County (Morgan Ridge B Zone) was lifted for residents only for 24 hours, giving them effectively less than a regular workday to sift through what was once their cherished belongings before anyone and everyone will have the same opportunity to hunt for valuables among the unsecured debris. Restrictions for non-residents will be lifted the following day at 9:00 AM on 12/16/2018.

Two People Hugging - Will Paradise, CA Rebuild after the Camp Fire

“What is left of our town brought me to tears. The town I grew up in, the elementary school I attended now lays flat. It truly is a shaky feeling. I lost focus in what I saw today and how nearly one hundred people didn’t make it out of the fire. You get wrapped up in your head a little bit about the statistics of things and how anything can change in minutes. As we sifted through the ashes of what was left of our home, I looked around and realized the true severity this catastrophe has had on our community.” The Allen Family

Image of burned neighborhood - Will Paradise, CA Rebuild after the Camp Fire

Many community members felt the pressure to rush home to see what precious items were left before looters were able to have a field day. Multiple reports of theft surfaced on social media and news sites, leaving the town members in a very vulnerable state. “None of what we’ve been through is easy, but I am genuinely excited about the opportunities we have ahead to envision a New Paradise. Together, we can do this” Jody Jones Mayor, Town of Paradise stated earlier in the day.  ‘

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