Our New Advocacy Cards!

Take a look at our new cards and flyers.

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Here are our flyers!

1) Service Animal Letter (Housing)

2) Service Animal Letter (ADA)


Here are our cards!Service Animal Card(ADA)

Service Animal Card(Housing)

You never know when you might need it.

Attorney Designed Advocacy Card
Attorney Designed Advocacy Card


Enforce Your Right to Access!


9 thoughts on “Our New Advocacy Cards!

  1. Sanden Leigh Martin Reply

    I have a service dog and new help find a place to train her better

  2. Patricia Moreno Caro Reply

    I would like to have one please I am disabled and need one of your cards thank you

  3. Kate Worsley Reply

    Can u send me the fliers and housing letter please. My service dog is a pit bull and I keep on getting told that she won’t be welcomed just because of her breed. She has done extra training and tests.

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