Consulting for Personal Injury Attorneys in California

Evaluating Personal Injury Claims for Persons with Disabilities

Potter Handy, LLP is the leading firm for prosecuting civil rights claims on behalf of persons with disabilities. We read every published opinion in the country related to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and litigated many of the pivotal cases that shaped the development of the ADA. The civil rights laws can provide superior remedies for your client and you, but they can be very complex and fraught with pitfalls for the inexperienced practitioner. Your client and you will be best off by having at least the civil rights issues litigated by Potter Handy.

Referral or Co-Counsel

Potter Handy, LLP will pay generous referral fees or co-counsel with attorneys on cases where a person with a disability has been injured.

My Client Was Disabled Before The Incident

Any time you have an injured client with a disability before the injury, you should check with Mark Potter to see if there is a civil rights violation. A civil rights violation can make an injury claim worth more than 5 times as much as pursuing the case under only a negligence claim. Our expertise is in prosecuting the civil rights claim. If there isn’t a civil rights angle we’ll tell you we can’t add value to your case. If there is a civil rights angle, we’ll do all the work of proving up liability including filing a motion for Partial Summary Judgment as to liability. Think of how much more valuable your client’s case would be going into trial with a finding that your client’s rights were violated under the disability access laws that entitles your client to 100% of her damages (there is no apportionment of fault) and you are entitled to all your attorney fees on an hourly basis as the prevailing party.

Retain Original Client Relationship

If we co-counsel PH would take care of proving up liability and you would manage the client and proving up the client’s damages.

Proven Track Record

Potter Handy, LLP has over 151 either electronically and print published opinions making the disability access laws stronger for persons with disabilities. Potter Handy, LLP has had Courts determine liability via motion in more than 300 cases.