Lack of Detailed Deaf Accessibility Info

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Hotel reservation sites must give you detailed accessibility information so you can assess if the room meets your needs. Failure to give you this information is a violation of your rights under the ADA. 

If you go to a hotel reservation site such as,, Expedia, Kayak, Priceline, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Hotwire, Trivago, Google, or even the hotel’s own website, you are entitled to be given enough details about the accessible features in that room to permit you to independently assess whether the guest room meets your accessibility needs. 

Hotel/Motel Guestrooms: Visible Notification

Notification Devices. Visible notification devices must be provided to alert room occupants of: 

  • Incoming telephone calls 
  • Door knocks 
  • Doorbells and alarms 

Notification devices shall not be connected to visible alarm signal appliances


Telephone shall have volume controls compatible with the telephone system and have the following features: 

  • A receive volume control that provides a gain adjustable up to 20 dB minimum. 
  • Provide incremental volume control with at least one intermediate step of 12 dB off gain minimum. 
  • An automatic reset shall be provided. 

Telephones shall be served by an electrical outlet within 48 inches of the telephone to facilitate the use of any TTY. 


Examples of Hotel and Motel Room violations for Deaf persons

Click here to view the checklist for Hotel/Motel room accessibility violations.

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