The Basics of Disability Discrimination

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Disability discrimination occurs when a disabled individual is subjected to different or unequal treatment in any number of situations when that treatment is based on the disability of the individual. 

Disability discrimination can take place in many different settings, but typically occurs most often in the following situations:  

Employment – Failure-to-hire, in which a disabled job applicant is otherwise qualified for the position but is not hired due to his or her disability; and cases involving an employer’s failure to make “reasonable accommodations” for an employee’s disability.  

Education – Disabled student was denied equal access to educational programs or opportunities, and claims that an educational institution failed to provide an appropriate individualized education to a disabled student.  

Housing – Refusal to negotiate with a disabled person who is seeking housing; claims involving imposition of different lease/contract terms based on a person’s disability; and refusal to extend a housing loan to a disabled applicant, based on his or her disability.

Access to Buildings and Businesses – Business failed to properly accommodate/serve a customer based on his or her disability, and cases in which a disabled customer was unable to gain appropriate access to goods or services.  

Transportation – Transportation agency or company failed to properly accommodate a disabled passenger, or that a disabled passenger was unable to gain appropriate access to transportation services. 

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